While people are crying and causing riots over a fake elections over FAKE PEOPLE.

There are people from hundred nations all over the world gathered together peacefully and being shot in the face in america right now. SHOT IN THE FACE.

Children are on there knees praying saying nothing but love and kindness while paid mercenaries tear gas there eyes till they will no longer work…..shooting rubber bullets in there face at point blank range.

Electronic warfare devices…..are tanking all electronics any body has…..kiss your cell phone goodbuy…your camera…..if you turn it on. God know what they are blasting at this people. EMF WAREFARE DEVICES.

The freedom of Religion is being violated. Treaties are being violated again. So some foreign company can sell some black stuff to Asia.

You country is based on geo-necromancy(the founding fathers built all their houses on burrial/ceremonial mounds)……and they are wiping out any indeginous that is unpolutable and who remember WHO WE ALL ARE. STILL. When they go most of you will no longer have a soul. I mean it.

Instead of rioting for or against baby eating satanist #1 or #2 GO THERE.

Do something real…and something the system didn’t tell you to do. For once in your life.

Do you have what it takes to sit on your knees and take an acid in your eyes 50 times or dozens of rubber bullets in the face while you sit in prayer for the last people and there religions site sacred to many nations. Probably not…but 100’s of other nations have come here to take a bullet in the face…..

PS: while the oil is an issue the bigger issues is geonecromancy. Did you know walmart makes it a policy to build there stuff on burial mounds….this isn’t a joke….they know something you don’t…………