Orgone Stuff: P1 1: EHS and Tinnitus.


If you read my interview over at sage you may have gathered I had a bout of emf sickeness. This is related to EMF refugee article.

BRIEF RECAP: Five years ago all my filters fell off, my natural human abilities came back, I had an awakening AND I GOT Electro Magnetic Sickeness or EHS. One of the symptoms is a type of tinnitus…..very the inner ear. See the sagesigma article.


After I left LA (or hell on earth with beaches) I went to live in the Pacific NW. I was in the big city(for a short while) and suffering greatly.

A “friend” of mine …gave me one of those quantum pendants, crystals and had some orgone tools.img_2187

PHOTO: Huge disk to energize objects

I found the volume on the tinnitus greatly reduced immediately…if I placed them against both ears. Relief!!! Take it away and it came back to the original death metal roar. Put it back and it wasn’t so bad.

Also there was a marked anxiety lowering.

I slept with them on my ears for about a month…silly looking for sure but effective.

Honestly I was amazed. And I felt some hope since I was pretty much feeling terrified by living in civilization if I had to endure this my entire life. Anyway, the point is that I had empirical scientific proof that crystals, energy tools and orgone work to some degree.

I also felt very stupid…..I’m sure I had spent many hours of my life critizing “those F%$cking hippies with there stupid rocks” as if I knew anything about this universe. When you wake up(whatever that means) you realize you really don’t know anything…….yet anyway. Infact the staggering amount of stuff I didn’t know about the universe…even though having a very high IQ(which can be a disability honestly), being in computers and reading like crazy….has left me in a constant state of humbleness. A vast amount of (false)knowledge does not compare to having a little wisdom.dscn0650

PHOTO:  Namibian enhydro.

Anyway, I became fascinated about how this possible could work…since I knew it did but it didn’t make any sense to me. I learned a bit about subtle energies, electricity, emf fields, magnetic fields, orgone/life energy and some zero point/scalar concepts. I learned not only the woo woo spiritual aspects of crystals minerals but some of the scientific concepts of what they do( really no difference between them anyway).dscn0645

PHOTO: Calcite 

The biggest affect in lowering the tinnitus was orgone. And I became the most interested in this . I started making my own….and was not happy with the results. I was so sensitive and in a urban area again that I could tell it wouldn’t work for long. I learned to combine certain crystals, different metals, coils and other charging techniques to make sure they worked under any condition.

Years of empirical and intuitive study have gone into learning about the stuff. You learn to study yourself, your environment, animals and the sky. I know clouds very well now( and will do an whole article on that soon).dscn0469-2

PHOTO: oh the joys of piped orgone…….

This requires a bigger article BUT………….. using other metals besides aluminum is essential and crystals that help recharge and continually clean. Powdered metals are essential to have..not just shavings. Coils too.

You would want to have at least some tourmaline, kyanite, selenite and citrine(or some equivalent) to keep it charged and clean. Some good anti emf minerals too(shungite is one). I use about 40 crushed minerals and dried plants..and many dozens of procedures to charge them………… in a pristine environment. I’m really picky about my orgone.

I am still very sensitive to high emf. I really don’t enjoy being in cities anymore than I have to. But when I have to go into Western (un)civilization I do so with plenty of my resin “art”. And I can stay in that field longer with fewer effects.

WARNING: Most of the stuff I see sold these days is imported factory imitation(from India) and doesn’t work at all that I can test. They are PRETTIER THOUGH. Thats interesting…isn’t it?

example of stuff I am NOT a fan of here : if you are then thats ok too. .I’m just sayin……

Find local artisans.


Photo: Himalayan Herkimer Pyramid 

PS: The tinnitus…besides being a form of woo woo claraudience is apparently a build up of nano particulates(para magnetic) and ferro magnetic minerals in the inner ear. EMF frequencies cause them to vibrate giving very lovely sensations to the inner ear..and those lovely noises.

PPS: Nothing I’ve said here should considered medical advice……