On the tails of consoling another of my liberal friends in tears about Trump winning I felt I should publish this.

Dear(insert the name of any politician in the last 150 years AT LEAST) supporter:


This is the media.This is a youtube.  It lies…it inverts.  It has never told you the truth. It never did…not in the 1800’s, not in the 1900’s and never now. These media tricks have been going on the whole time.

There really is no person named Hillary and certainly nobody born named Donald Trump. Life time actors from a specific bloodline in a sick play……..that is all. Harvesting your energy(well those that are giving it).

Say very deeply….calmly and very grounded “I DO NOT CONSENT”.

Cry for the energy you wasted on giving your energy to fictions and parasites for decades……but not for them.

that is all.


And now for something truly important: While I was cooking dinner something strange was going on in my pond. It sounded like a bear was freaking out in my pond. Seriously ……it sounded like like a giant baby 400 pound baby was having a splashing party……..moving alot of water. Really strange…because the forest I live in has very little bears and no 400 pound babies.