When I was show business….working 120 hours a week for about 2000 a month(4 bucks an hour). Slowly making my way up to the top performers/contractor list… I worked with a very mystical fellow. We will call him the MAGICIAN(his real name is actually was based on a black magician from the bible..but I didn’t get it then)download-5. He hired me and our company out to a lot to hoity toity gigs……some I wouldn’t have been able to land myself. He hob nobbed with top rock’n rollers, actors, clubs/venues and performers. I sorta aspired to be him…in a professional way.

Most of the time we joked…sent obnoxious funny ext messages and kept stuff pretty light.

One day…..I get a call from him……………………………

“ I want to tell you something. Everyday in Hollywood I live in Terror. I am a slave. I fear for my life and my family everyday. I fear for my children There is no escape for me. I am in terror every waking moment here. I am a slave. I just wanted you to know that”.

And just like that the conversation he went back to his old self.

I was perplexed and had no real comment because I couldn’t even place what it meant. A slave……how?

I must say I wasn’t aware…..or studied like I am now. I didn’t know why he told me then and it took me years…to figure out what it meant. All the sickness, black magick, and social engineering went over my head at the time….just like most of the other 10 million people.

Somehow some way it wasn’t long before the illusion started crumbling…infact that was the very first moment of my awakening…..sorta like he put a splinter in my filters. He was a magician after all….he could do stuff. The Magician. download-4

Why tell me? Why was I worth that little bit of warning when he loved to suck everybody else in to his world of entertainment. I really don’t know…but the best I got was…..some sort of cosmic warning came through him. I was cruely being spared…if that makes sense.

Are you absolutely positively sure you want to be paying for movies, pay for cable, buying corporate music, and supporting what really is going on down there? Is your entertainment( which means capturing the mind) really worth another child molested or another actress on her knees. Is there any show on TV that hasn’t produced a tremendous amount of suffering…..behind the scenes. Lets be clear…nothing come out of your TV, MOVIE, RADIO or HOLLYWOOD is DIVINE. Nothing. Obviously the average citizen doesn’t know this…but I do…only because I worked there. I certainly didn’t know before hand…I just thought it was a “bit of a rough town in a rough industry”.

I do not judge. But the entertainment industry is not glamorous. It is slavery…period. Next time you pay your cable bill….or pay for a movie …think of where that money is actually going…..and not going. Is the average extra, on set for 20 hours for 50 bucks really ok with you? I hope not. 2.5 dollars an hour? How about you don’t get paid at all….but they may have an opportunity to audition..for a paying role…..that you will never get. Carrot and Donkey Trick. Look at the people on your screen who aren’t the stars…..say to your self…that is a slave.

We may not be able to stop all the nonsense..but we can at least be aware of it….and contribute as little as possible to the false parasitic culture we have had crammed down our throats.

But I am asking you to consider…….send your hard earn money to companies and people who deserve it and will do something a little better with it. It won’t be easy at first….and no of know way to do it completely on this planet…but do what you can. Local IS BEST.

MORE: I just looked at the Magician card tarot meaning on wiki. Creepy in this context. The magician is also a juggler…..in the tarot……..