Real Quick. Though in the previous article I said that both candidates(potential dictator public relations puppets) had 88 in all there media gematria ..births and such and Hillary had more of it therefor it looked like she was the chosen shinanigans maker…now it looks like it Trump now. So I was admittedly inaccurate….but was I?

Oh and happy 11/9 or 911.

Some odd things I noticed. When it looked like STrumps votes were quite far ahead and most of the states counted…I went to bed. Got up…and low and behold Trumps votes were capped and Hillary may actually have got the popular vote. Very odd.

Why did this happen? A couple of reason. I believe Swillary was chosen(there were basically no votes for her in Washington DC). Since voting is a fraud and those machines are made by …oh jeez do you really want to know?……I would say there was coop of some sort …pulled something off that the media and Frillary didn’t expect. Then when it looked like the votes were going for Mr. Bump……his got capped……but to little too late.

Also…to enrage….divide/conquer and put even more doubt in the American System Hillary popular vote count would be ideal to make it just squeek by. So the false war of Dem/Rep can continue.

Anyway…don’t worry…..Obamamation pissed so many people so Grump got it…..then he’ll freak everybody out and then in 4 YEARS the Rothchild ….Hillary will be in…with all the holes in ┬ámanipulating the voting system fixed.

Anyway….88 was king no matter what…and 88 is both hillary and trump and that is the number used to represent Heil Hitler those fascists….hillary_trump

Congratulations president Trumpillary……

Researcher Freeman has pointed out that alot of this really is about giving our power over to the 10 United Nations Regional Govenors we have…appointed by Obama. You have heard about those guys running the show right?

UPDATE: I had marked down 774 as a big number in encoding. Hillary had the majority of the vote …47.7. Look familiar.

Obama..congratulated trump and has invited him to the white house …….so that would be an interesting conversation, no?