In my  article at SageSigmaUnbound article here I had mentioned my bouts with electromagnetic sickness and in a sense a regaining of many of my natural human abilities(what some people call “psychic” which is a crap word).

I have had to move, change jobs, living situations and limit my time in urban areas because of my sensitivities. I have lost my family because not only could they not turn off their wireless….they were offended by the fact it was making me sick. And no I didn’t complain about there lifestyle.

With that said….I found this article very moving…and very good at explaining what its like. I would say that it took me about 3 years heal…..and I can tolerate a bit more than Alison…BUT I cannot tolerate it for too long.  My theory is that EHS/electromagnetic sickness is merely regaining your natural human abilities and therefore sensing the sick scalar field…..that probably all other life is dealing with. I don’t meet to many “psychics” who aren’t arent emf sensitive……which makes sense no?


For people who don’t go for the woo woo stuff one “science” aspect of EMF sickness is a buildup of magnetic,radioactive and paramagnetic minerals in your inner ear, nervous and proprioception system. How or why this effects the pinneal gland I have not heard…but why not?


PHOTO: Diagram of Scalar Waves. Not mine.