Real quick(pun intended)…

Here is some interesting ways to work with Hillary Clinton’s Recent B-day you may find interesting.  October 26, 2016 and of course the year of her supposed birth October 26,1947.

10/26/2016 :                                                                                                                                                   10/26/2016 can be 1+2+6 and 2+1+6 is both are nine or 9/9=99 = 66 the abyss(hell, the demonic realm). Numbers are sometimes flipped in the occult so 999 can be a coding for 666 and 119=911 etc. “thirteen” spelled out = 99. Spelling out ninety nine is the highly occult number 774(february, scientology, righteousness,  I am evil, goddess isis, hollywood, eternal love, holy ghost pandoras box, light bringer, judgement day, ascension day, demonic forces)

10/26/47:                                                                                                                                                       Year of birth.10/26/47.  1+2+6 and 4+7.  Or 119. Thats our famous 911 backwards….which is the sorcerers number 9(selfish) skip god 10 and go straight to manifestation(11) or undivine manifestation. 119 is also Donald, Diablolical in Jewish Gematria and Mary Magdelene, Star of david, All seeing eye in Simple gematria.

You may think this is far fetched but countless researchers have known that birth/death dates are coded to 33 47/74 66/666 and 911. Especially when it comes to the Elite and there agents. Gosh Hillary is born in 47…what a surprise. Coincidence I’m sure 🙂


SageSigma just had article, about a celebrated racing horse named Octagonal  who passed on,with a ton of 88 numerology. 88 has been encoded in most of Trumps headlines, name and related phenomena…..which is not a coincidence. See Zach Hubbards research. See the comments section of the Octagonal article for some 88 gematria I address.

Can you see the 88 in Hillary’s B-day? October is the 8th month originally.   “OCT” = eight.  Thus October 26 easily means 8/26 or 8/8 in gematria. Another 88. I think the Octagonal story was a shout out to both Trump and Hillary.


I guessing the intentional encoding is a possible indication that Hillary Clinton is the next Pres. OR that is there intention…..the number spell if you will.

The election is on 11/8. In numerology/gematria 118 is sometimes 11×8 or 88. So there is that encoding of her birthday and the election day. But Trump has 88 everywhere too. SO?

119 as described above as her bday this year is very similar to 11/9 the day we all get to know who the next president is. Interestingly enough other countries reverse date to day/month year….making it 9/11 or 9/11

Admittedly 119 = Donald as well….so maybe this is all a signal that no matter which 88 or 119 person we get its all the same. Still I think the 88 gematria in Hillary’s bday is the indication she is the chosen president. Trump doesn’t have 88 or 119 in his bday that I can find. I can forcibly do 11:11 which is a whole other article.

Halloween update: Zach Hubbard has pointed out that 216 in the media is also an encoding of the famous 666. Or 6X6X6=216.  This last birthday is 126/216 kinda a 666 twice. In fact this year is an encoding of 666(2016) or 216. CREEPY.

Also, 1947, which is a famous year for alot of suspicious social engineer births is 21 or blackjack. A blackjack is a silent club to bash somebodies mind or MINDCONTROL. Many of our social engineers and institution supporting such were born that year. Coincidence I’m Sure.