Bermuda/Mojave/California Triangle:Part2: THE SPACESHIP LEY LINE. I just found this an hour ago…and decided to bang this article out!!!

This is an update from the previous California Triangle article. See that for some of the High Strangeness background.

I swung triangle verticle and noticed this pattern. Looks like a diamond cartoon space ship. Is it just a coincidence? Well wait for the punch line …..then decide.mohavishiplines

I of course have the picture with the lines I see and with out….


At Barstow…..another famous underground base of UFO lore……….is where what looks like the flames come out. shipesidewaysflamesCoincidence? Maybe. Maybe earlier aeronautics people saw this on a map and just decided to put the majority of there aeronautics/nasa/rocket and experimental craft bases there…cause it looked cool.spaceshipflames Who knows? While I cannot say why this interesting shape occurs…I can say the straight lines in nature generally don’t occure unless there is a crystalline structure involved. Or its artificial(a construction).


Taking a line from Barstow to the tip of the geoglyphic craft we go approximately 266.47 degrees west.266line

What do we get??TADAAA!!!!vandenbergairforcebase

We get Vanderburg AirforceBase!!!! It is infact a Space/Rocket Launching/SpacePort Area!!!! Where the Atlas Rockets are. We have The United States Airforce Space Command(did you know we have a real space military agency?…..NASA is just for show). #30 Space Squadron(and many other space squadrons), ICBM’s….And SPACE-X. The list goes on quite frankly.

Now I personally think space travel as we have been shown is a fraud…… I’m not sure what they are doing there…but obviously there is a big base of SOMETHING.


This  would be too much of a coincidence for me to say this is just an accident.spaceshipflames2

How it occurred I don’t know.

Is the Triangle(and ship) a real natural feature? Maybe Google just is making stuff up on google earth to be symbolic…..but did infact point it toward the space port…..just for fun. Possibly. I would say that Airforce and Space Ports are built on Earth Energy Points and in no way do they just put these things willy nilly in any old place.

I can say I have done Google earth alignments with natural features that had too many numbers synchronicities, too staggering to be mathematically possible. Something is afoot. The California Triangle(or the Mojave/Bermuda Triangle)!!!

UPDATE 10/30

Interestingly enough….there is an alternative earth grid researcher…who has a ley line that might be relevant to the Mojavi/California Triangle.tetrahedroncube The angle is nearly exact. It is the green one…from the TetraHedronCube Grid….from the new earth star grid system. Check it out at this link: WakeUpHumanity-EarthStarGrid. Thtetrahedroncube2

My horizontal red line heading to the base at (266 degrees heading) is the same angle as the next East-West Green Line due south(266 degrees heading.). The coincidences are pilling up. LOL.


I did not find anything exciting in the UVG grid for those who know about GRID SYSTEMS.