A couple of months ago a group of my friends starting having bad luck, physical injuries, money problem……random health problems. While this may be a step too far for most I am going there. This one person who was just an angel around us later we found was involved in a spiritual practice that we would think of a dark voodoo……and was far from an angel. Dark. My wife’s leg went out for weeks with no medical issue we could identify.4430738876_b2f859298e

I got a vicious fever….fatigue…migraines and a lot of other stuff. I did all my healing techniques I know to do. Energetic, Subtle energies, parasite cleanses and nutritional. It all worked but not quickly as usual…just in small increments.

So for 3 months the last thing that remained was indeed….migraines. Anyway……I thought I might go to a chiropractor …maybe it was a disk issue in the neck? So this last week….I went and sat at a “sacred river” that is local. Laying down on a huge granite boulder next to the water……………I randomly grabbed at the top of my head……and low and behold a sorta snake like leech came out. No…..not a physical being but an energetic one. But it did have physical sensations in my hand. “WTF?!!!!”. Seriously I have no knowledge of “head snakes”…from traditional medicine…but I’m sure its there. In my energy work the “energies” I pull out are without form…most of the time.

I tossed it in the river and the constant low level headache was gone…and no more migraines. I guess this would be a sort of shamanic thing to do….though I’m not officially trained in the traditional versions…but “trained” in other ways. Anyway I went to my “teacher” and asked if he ever pulled out any “head snake/leeches”? He said he did. He did not elaborate.leeches

I can’t find to much research on this….but it feels very dark voodoo-ey. I did find a picture(and a tool video) of a psychic leech as its called….and it was what I saw. Interesting.

Some will say this is just a placebo effect….ok…sure but that doesn’t explain why the countless other placebo type effects I tried didn’t work.

So after 3 months and advil, energy work, stretching, massage, nutritional support, homeopathic, herbs, diet changes, meditation, visualization and salt restriction…the real last thing to get rid of the migraines was a good old shamanic technique. This again confirms my maxim “entities and spells” as the basis of ALL ailments. Please see my other article to see. As an energy worker I find quicker results working under this frame of reference than any other way.

Anyway, If anybody has some entity experience similar….let me know

FYI: I am aware of certain indigenous practices of Africa(and elsewhere) being lumped into a more dark magick version of those practices called Voodoo. That is why I stated “dark Voodoo” to differentiate between other indigenous practices of which are not dark or those I have not enough information to even make an opinion. Like most things…some are dark and some are not.