Is there a “Bermuda Triangle” of California. Yes. Not sure why nobody called it out yet…so I am. HA.

One thing I have done has taken 1000’s of sacred alignments and created my own earth grids….some of them dowsed then confirmed on google earth…and some just google earth research.


One I just came across I am calling the California Triangle….sorta like the Bermuda triangle of California. A very obvious geographic triangle on 2 sides and a highway….on the east side. Location is the Mohave Desert. Indeed Mohave and Bermuda have the same Gematria(64). What are the chances?


The highway 395 discontinues farther south but a line is still continues on google earth. This points to someone figured out this Ley line in the past.


The non labeled continuation line goes right past a Mt. Shasta Dr….a very obvious vortex reference.

The bottom right corner of the triangle appears some unique names. Crestline..interesting. Valley of enchantment…and Camp Switzerland(Knights Templar)

The rest of the lines of the crest are…to the looks of it….geographical. Very oddly straight though. Straight lines generally don’t occur in nature unless there is a crystal present. Hmm…..

Inside the “triangle” we have the Mohave space port, many aircraft fields, strange planes and Leuhman ridge rocket engine testing area. I think that interesting because it looks more hanger deck like than place to test rockets. Plus rockets aren’t what you think…so what are they really testing there?

The whole place has been a hotbed of “UFO” activity. What that really is who knows but its probably a bit of advanced stuff…and “other”.

UFO and conspiracy lore are huge with the idea that there is a secret underground military, reptilian or UFO base in the area.

Edwards air force base is there and is known for shuttle landings.

We have a odd grid of avenues with no buildings north of the Mojave space port.northofmohavispaceport

By Bastow, we are supposed to have a underground “Camp Irwin” and many underground rivers reported….know to the indigenous.

Iron Mountain are supposed to have a hide out of the “old ones” an ancient race. Just north of Garlock.

There is a huge creepy airline grave yard.

There are random abandoned military aircraft lying around.

For whatever reason …wherever you have intense air force/space agency places you have …UFO abductions(or the simulated equivalent). There is the “Mohave incident” book by Felber. Doing a search of UFO’s Mohave…… reveal many results.

Numerous websites indicate many deep underground bases all along the place. The air force base, Lancaster and Palmdale are reported as such.dscn0755

One researcher says the bases are grey alien/human ones.

Extending the triangle….it looks possible it may go north of 95….home of area 51 and the UFO highway. Joshua Tree Park would be in there a major vortex. The mysterious Integratron harmonically tuned building… in this area.california-vegas-triangle

While I don’t necessarily believe in UFO abductions as described by that culture…..I do know enough people who have gone through the phenomena to know there is something hinky going on. There is certainly a lot of odd technology and phenomena …enough for me to give California its own Bermuda triangle. Air force bases by the way are reported to never be placed anywhere but earth energy vortexes..and I’ve done enough alignments to say this is the case for some of them.

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Traveling to Sedonna we went through Mohave Desert. We got some surprising pictures of this weird place.

I think what we have here might be a NASA base or some deep underground military base..entrances.  Its officially called a Rocket Propulsion lab.

Either way its unusual. It looks like there are huge hanger decks in the side of a mountain that I don’t think you could safely land either a plane or a helicopter in. Not surprisingly black triangle craft have been reported in the area for decades.We did see an unusual jet…sorta like a black concord ultasonic jet stretched out to ridiculous proportions.

It is amazing the stuff you’ll drive by and not notice unless you learn to observe. 95% of all phenomena is in the 3d realm and you just filtered it out. Observation first.

Since  NASA does not go into space(admitted)..if its even possible…what is this place for if its not really testing much rockets? At first glance it looks like something could fly into the mountain. I found very few videos of any rocket testing…though I guess its possible. Whatever it is…its in the California Triangle…..looks wierd and probably does more than just “test” rockets. I’m sure the locals have stories about this area and the Mohave in general.dscn0755

PHOTOS: Full spectrum camera: me

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mohave( in jewish gematria) =  794 = tall gray aliens
mohave (in simple gematria) = 64 simpleG = Bermuda, america, zion, thelema, israel,
desert = 71 = babylon, azazel