I have a new interview over at SageSigmaUnbound. Very exciting and a bit scary /;as I had no intention 4 months ago of having articles published about my research/experience. I certainly had no intention of doing interviews. James got me to do both. He says he has no mystical powers….LOL.

I have been following him since he took up the Hatybov material..about a year and a half ago. He’s the sorta researcher I am into. Off the beaten path, great decoding, no frills, no ego, just good old fashion independent research. He’s definitely take a crack at decoding this increasingly absurd world we find ourselves in.

Link to SageSigmaUnbound Interview here.

We cover several subjects I may not actually ever talk about anywhere else….so have fun!!!

Hatybov: Is a real or mythical Russian researcher that did infact document the Lunar Wave cycles and several other phenomena. Dense, detailed, full of math and completely unique history/cosmology rewrite. Possibly allegorical, real or science fiction. Probably a bit of all of it.