WARNING: THIS IS GROSS……if you are squeamish..this will hurt your stomach and head a lot. If you are still human…this will hurt your head abit too. Seriously just go to another article of mine. 

I was watching a now deceased ex-military secret agency gone “good guy” on one of those..questionable but sometimes informative youtube channels….when this gentleman sorta blurts out….”oh by the way if you eat pork your a cannibal”. They have human genes genetically spliced with wild boar/pig. I was immediately sickened. Why because deep down I new this made sense and was most likely true. Any cravings for (organic) bacon were immediately deleted.

While this sounds a bit out there I will present as much circumstantial evidence as I can. Unfortunately I don’t have a geneticist laying around with lab equipment or the budget to prove this to me either way.

So the circumstantial evidence we have Humana-pigs.

A little to human? Photo:Public Domain
  1. Living in farm land you definitively know pigs are very smart…and make human like eye contact. It is not something that happens with wild animals. While wild animals can be super intelligent its not that sorta human eye contact….we only really get from dogs, humans and pigs. I have not been around many apes.
  2. Vietnam vets stories tell of burning humans smelling exactly like cooking pork. Ick..by the way.
  3. Science has reported that human sequencing of dna appears to be spliced and out of order. Yes that right we have been hacked . Maybe evidence of past Human DNA splicing.
  4. Science also tells us our dna is as close to monkeys and pigs. Just about the same around 98-99%. Of course they don’t tell us its human dna we share…but do some reasoning. Why would we share same dna with 4 legged cloven hooved animal and NOT WILD BOAR…if evolution as its taught is true? You can search the internet for endless scientific research on this. It actually doesn’t make sense. http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/stories/pigs-and-humans-more-closely-related-thought-according-genetic-analysis
  5. It has been reported that Dogs have human dna but wild canine does not. More evidence of dna splicing in the past? Mice too.
  6. In the Annunaki tales and even the Bible it is reported that the ancients played around with mixing DNA/Species
  7. Egyptian Mumification apparently preserves there DNA enough for cloning. Its rare but scientific reports of cloning mummies have poped up in Scientific Journals. Maybe cloning was a technology known in he past?
  8. Researchers find Human, monkey and PIG DNA in Vaccines. WHAT? There is your first signs of forced hidden cannnibalism.
  9. Human genes are now being spliced with Rice. More forced hidden cannibalism to come?
  10. Mainstream media is rife with studies talking about human dna being in hotdogs(pork). Do a search
  11. This one is the kicker for me: You can grow human body parts on pigs…meaning we are so compatible with the bodies of pigs that their own bodies don’t see it as difference. WOW. Why pigs? Why not wild boar….some monkeys or some thing that obviously according to evolution branch?
  12. Many religions ban eating pigs. Maybe they know something we don’t?
  13. Since the ruling class appear to practice a form of black magic there is definetly a type of spell craft that would be useful in having humans be cannibals. This is the motive.
  14. In my upcoming article I mention that the elite wish you to pass on in the most polluted state whether your feel you are saved or not. Screwing with your dna, your karma, your physical/mental/spirtual/and psychic health is of utmost important. So we have a motive now. I think if you die polluted they can screw with you in transition. Something to think about anyway.
  15. Practicing cannibals call eating humans “LONG PORK”. Because humans taste like pork. Do monkeys taste like pork. I bet not.
  16. Pig blood can be used in blood transfusions! Again..this makes little sense.
  17. Pig and Mice w/ Human Chimera’s already exist. See technologyreview.com.
  18. I am a professional dowser…and I get yes pigs were spliced with humans in the past. Granted this isn’t proof either even to me….but I always put these sort of results on the consideration pile.
  19. They are working on growing human brains in pigs. Besides being sick that just is weird. It goes beyond needing spare parts. If science says we are our brain…how can a spare brain be useful? Very susipicous.
  20. Human and pig symbolism is everywhere in our literature. See “Animal Farm” or Nine Inch Nails for starts.
  21. Pigs were symbolic to many cultures for fertility and in a negative sense “ignorance”.
  22. Homeopathically…there could be very serious consequences to ingesting GMO human DNA..of which you don’t know whats been done to it.
  23. Pig and human teeth are very similar or so its reported.
  24. Pork flesh is the most difficult protein to digest for a human. Is this some feedback from our bodies and nature that this is the least natural thing to eat?
  25. Articles about using fetus cells in food and soft drinks are common. Truth or pre-programing for our future?

Ok……. While I cannot say I provided proof to you 100%; I may say there is enough circumstantial evidence and encoded truth to say you might be concerned. I do not go about preaching to family and friends this or recommend this in anyway. Its too disturbing. The cognitive dissonance will be so great your will be attacked and ridiculed. Very few people can process even the smallest truth and this is not a small one. Its up to you to figure out if eating pig is too over the top even for yourself. If you are vegan/vegetarian this is a no brainer. I don’t judge either…I am just providing information. I do not judge you if you are a pork farmer(unless you know its part human, ick).

Be wary of people who agree with my assessment and still eat pork or enjoy it even more.

I will say for certain if you haven’t figured out that the people/beings running this place are sick enough to do this sort of stuff…your really haven’t been paying attention.

I would suggest there is more at play than Darwinian Evolution in our human past.

Wild boar looking less human.