This will be a lighter subject one. Some pictures on 10/10( a mystical number I’m sure).

So I was making a “tachyon healing tool” today for a friend. Often I’ll get a interloper in the sky.

How do they know? Anyway, this particularly lack of marked plane flew over….turned off its engines and glided for a while and then did it again. So there is that picture.


Often I’ll just fire off my camera with flash to see if I got any orby things.

I got a notched orb…I usually think of as archons. I just fired straight up over the healing tool I made.The photo was almost all black so I only found it with the brightness and contrast cranked. It looks very similar to the notched orbs in the NASA “tethered incident” ….not that I think NASA went to space but wherever they filmed that, they did their night vision they got something similar. You can also do a search on the tubes for “Orbs caught on video” Some of the night vision ones are legit and have those weird notched guys.

It might be the same guy later…in the trees. Again brightness and contrast cranked. The black is not actually sky but another row of trees farther back.

Nothing unusual for living on a farm with a vortex, an ancient native village and ley lines.