Here at TRQ…we try to get the nuggets of wisdom to you in bite size pieces. So lets take a crack at a rather large subject and distill it into some bits…..

So lets propose…if space is actually water(or a liquid) are we actually looking at “hell” or the demonic realms when we look up? Is there any historical, mythological or scientific encoding to suggest this?
Yup. So lets get to the nuggets.

If you are into earth as a spiritual/physical plane research, you may be interested into knowing the independent astrononer/social engineering researcher/de-encoder Crrow777 and independent physicist(or engineer) Brian Mullin have publicly stated that space may be a liquid.

In Kabbalism there is a demonic tree of life called the Qlipoth (and is also refered to the Abyss) and is represented by secret societies as 66 or W( or VV or 66 in Hebrew). Abyss does turn out to be 66 in simple gematria.  In Kabblism, you can zig zag up the tree of life to God(avoiding the abyss) or you can do the more direct/quick/difficult route up the middle pillar and cross the abyss..its quicker but most people die insane..or worse. I believe it is represented in the Good tree of life as Da’ath(hidden) Sephiroth. It is  a bit esoteric but you must know that most secret societies(thus the rulers of this world) know this stuff. The Yale Skull and Bones Society uses the number 322 or 3X22 or 66. A Bush president was bones man and was refered to as W.  Anyway the Qlipoth lists all the major demons and is used by black magicians to perform tasks….or so it is told.

Below Da’ath(the abyss) in Tree of life is Tiph- Ereth. The heart(anagram for earth) or middle earth. Ereth sounds like Earth to me. So you have the abyss directly above the earth. Da’ath is also representive of knowledge/gnosis.

Black magicians for America and Nazi Germany reportedly founded NASA. Again you have black magicians trying to cross the abyss/Qlipoth…the waters…to get to Gnosis/knowledge.

See my previous article “Satellite “facts””… mentions  there are 6600 satellites in orbit reported and we(Earth) are traveling around the sun at 66,000 mph. Nasa “facts” and the encoding is space is the Qlipoth/Abyss and the abyss is water.

The bible uses the word abyss repeatedly and that is in reference always to water AND knowledge….same as doing the middle pillar(crossing the abyss for gnosis/knowledge).

Apperently the bible has several references to demons being cast out and sent to water(the abyss).

Genesis specifically says that there are waters above. Is this encoding of some sort?

The hollywood movie “The Abyss” is about an oil rig(and military) crew searching the deep ocean for the cause of a crash..only to find monsters and aliens. It is James Cameron(reported 33degree Freemason/Kabbalist) who directed. There is your water, space and demon/abyss symbolism all in one scoop.

James at Sagesigmaunbound has an excellent article about water, the firmament and demiurge(head demon of the Gnostics) encoding from modern media and ancient text.  Goto link article link here:

Commercials have come out with space craft breaking into the firmament and into water. Hollywood encoding.

Ras Ben( an African American/African) alternative researcher has the 0 0 degree(if Giza is The real 0 latititude( meridian, the strongest electromagnetic/spiritual vortex on the planet, Mountain Ruwenzori as reaching actually into the ionosphere(lower earth orbit/space). He also says its traditionally called “The Gates of Hell”. Hell in his view is actually a star system in the constellation of Gemini(directly away from the center of the Galaxy). So there is more of the space is hell/abyss…symbolism.

Falling Stars(Angels?)….Crowley said everybody is a star. Creepy.

I would point out that Route 66..crosses the abyss of America to end up in the City of Fallen Angeles. Not by coincidence I’m sure.

Nasa and the private space companies have a lot of trouble going through the abyss(space) and its pretty much admitted they can’t get into it at all….referencing the difficulty of the Magician leaving the middle circle in the tree of life(earth) and crossing the abyss(space or the demonic realm).

Since the Elite like to INVERT EVERYTHING>… you suppose they would be honest and tell you that heaven was above….when in fact it might be better expressed as in the Earth(Heart). Hmm….

Esoterically, spiritually and scientifically space is encoded as water, the demonic realms. Maybe the ancients were telling us something fundamental about what is over our heads. I’ve never been there so I don’t know.
As a side note…the ancient mariners I have studied(polynesian people identified as star people), the Phoenicians(people of the phoenix) who are mariners; maybe their crossing the seas,the waters, is more of an encoding of some way to actually travel the waters of space. I suspect the encoding is there…even if it is a metaphor. The term Ancient Mariners sure has an interesting ring to it now doesn’t it? Space Travels.

The elite lie about most things…but encode stuff with a bit of truth in there. So maybe we don’t know what space actually is but it is encoded as: Waters above the Earth are the Demonic Realms. I sure look at the sky and wonder what the hell I’m looking at.

If you have more examples of space is hell/abyss encoding…..feel free to share?

PHOTO: Orbs so thick you can’t even see the other side of the wall of this giant cave. Called Pluto’s cave by the way. Full spectrum camera with flash.