My wife and I were fortunate to spend a night on what is considered the Root Chakra Sacred Mountain of the world(type it in search’ll figure it out)this equinox, a couple of days ago. On the list of stagering amount of weird phenomena we got I’ll share this unique one with you.

Late Equinox eve( equinox was in the morning several hours later)…we were talking around the campfire with our one of the mountain mystics(a white bearded sacred space guardian I’ll call Mr. Mountain Cat). It was alternating between(unseasonable) snowing and being very clear in the sky. VERY COLD!!!

I looked up toward the mountain. And instead of seeing a dark mountain against a field of star….I just saw some weird clouds and a field of blue stars. Blue stars where the mountain should be.


My left brain kicked in and thought that I miss judged the height of the mountain and  was just looking at the sky. I told my two other campfire companions what I was perceiving. Mr. Mountain Cat said that it was actually climbers on the mountain for solstice. Indeed I could make out a couple of flashlights making their way down the mountain….lower on the horizon. I got my binoculars out and what I saw was this. A vague form of a mountain(some mysterious snow clouds) and what looked exactly like hundreds of blue stars covering the mountain. At times it just looked like a field of stars with no mountain at all.

My wife thought something strange was going on and thought it looked like a mountian full of stars.

I convinced myself( yes I still have a noisy left that I merely miss judged the height of the mountain and I was just looking at normal sky, clouds and stars. No phenomena. I did make a mental note of where I thought the summit of the mountain was based on some limbs of a tree blocking he view.

The next morning in daylight I looked at the mountain and it towered over the trees…and filled up the northern sky. It was huge. Very high off the horizon. I had visually miss judged the summit of the mountain(the previous evening) by a tremendous amount….it was not only higher than the point of the tree I was using as a reference point it was higher than the tree it self.


So indeed where the sacred mountain was..for a time was what looked like a field of blues stars. We have 3 witnesses. I have no idea what the actual phenomena was.

Mr. Big Cat thought it was climbers. I put it on the list of possibilities and is the most “logical” explanation. The big problem with that theory is climbing a dangerous mountain, for solstice, in a subfreezing weather, at very high altitude, over dozens of square miles at night…with similar light sources that don’t look like flashlights, coordinating dozens/hundreds of people, having to pack up survival gear to survive the storm, … highly improbable. It would have to be a secretive coordinated event….by some secretive group. Possible but not likely.

Other possibilities: 1.Some thing multidimensional happened….having to do something with the earth energies of equinoxes, vortexes and this huge sacred mountain. 2.Something to do with the “alien” craft that the mountain is known for. 3. Some sort of electrical/plasma phenomena associated with the earth energies of equinox. 4. Some how the energies made the mountain reflective to the sky. 5. Nothing was happening but we some how all shared a mental projection.

PHOTO: Dragon/Reptile log in the fire. At the same time the phenomena happened. Full Spectrum Camera.