Warning: this isn’t one of my fun woo woo pieces.

There is much talk about the great awakening. I don’t know if its actually great but of course its there. There is also the great belly laugh. Those that are laughing at you.

Those that are creating the great asleepening. For any body who has known true dark occultists and satanists……..they laugh and laugh and they are laughing at you.

For all the disunity and infighting amongst themselves “they” are unified in your destruction. And they laugh. They laugh because you use there weapons to talk to each other(cell phones), collect social engineering data(Facebook), look at there programming and poison yourselves(and your friends)….with your consent(and money) They laugh because even the smallest community group has been infiltrated to the point nobody can do anything of any decency or divineness. No group, community or spirituality has been free from the infiltration. You all fight and hang each other and they laugh.

You don’t believe there is real evil, black magicians and a “them”. And they laugh.

While your children get stupider or drop dead from there shots from guys in lab coats……you continue to believe its for you own health. And they Laugh. We met some of the laughers….they are real. They get hired in hospitals too decide who lives and dies….who gets medication or not………..and they laugh at the body count.

Even though some of us have met them….and have direct experience of there methods FROM THERE OWN MOUTHS……..you laugh at those that would assist you. And they laugh even harder from that. THE GREAT BELLY LAUGH

The old cliche is evil never sleeps….and its true. These people( or beings) put evil every where they go. They install entities, parasites and negative vibrations just going to the grocery store. Every ounce of effort is in some way dedicated to destroying you. You on the other hand are dedicated to Facebook…..texting….video games…sports or(insert useless distraction here). And you don’t believe it and they laugh. They curse everything they see….at every waking moment. And most likely that is why they will win……………IF…………….you don’t wake the F#$%K up.

They hide in your city council, your church, your fraternal orgs, your friends, some family…at your work and your community….and you don’t believe they are there(and they laugh). THE GREAT BELLY LAUGH.

We say this not from research but from experience….and unfortunately have worked for some of these beings(by accident of course).

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE. They hide. They cannot stand in front of even the weakest among you without hiding. They hide behind laws and language so perverted and so thick no real human can figure it out without 4 years of law school. They even have to hide from a semi aware 3 year old. Soul to soul, mind to mind and body to body they would loose. The most demonic or (false)royal among them could never win in a fair fight….and have to call in other worldy or this worldly henchman…..or call apon powers they don’t actually possess and are borrowed. THINK ABOUT THAT. Your are born with intentionally un-sacred sex, tortured sonically in the womb…born under Nazi mind control birthing methods, become stupid under our Prussian entrainment(education) system, Gmo’d EMFed and irradiated to stupidity, all divinity removed from you and turned into little zombie demons with the media…………AND YET AFTER ALL THAT, THEY CANNOT STAND UP TO YOU FULLY REVEALED- at least with out henchman or deception of some sort.


Unfortunately the strategy is very effective……

WHAT To Do: One example. When we leave the house….we do what they do but the opposite. I don’t like the word bless(it means anointing with blood actually)….but you get the idea. We put true divine energy/healing in everything we see. We cancel all chaotic/demonic energy that we see. We consent to no aspect of this crap even when we or forced to participate. We transmute all money transactions from the horrible slave vibration to divine energy exchange. We heal as much technology as we can.


People are pretty infected so we choose not to work in groups much…but if you can work in that context in divine energy and unity…..the more power to you. Do what you can…when you can. If you have to participate in the matrix try to transmute some energy till you figure out another way. That is do-able, yes?


If you “believe” you can spend one waking moment having fun, not waking up, being distracted, playing the latest video game, believing in parasite politics and not uplifting every one of the 99 percenters in some way(even its just by silent intention) then you doom yourself and maybe the rest of us humans.

Uplifting doesn’t mean necessarily making them feel good…but assisting them in moving from parasitic to divine energy. If you join the great asleepening and not the great awakening you may have to suffer a lot more life times……unfortunately.

SIDE NOTE: I would agree this situation isn’t your fault and its not fair. You may not be morally responsible….especially if you don’t know. You have been hobbled in ways you do not even comprehend.

Unfair as it is……only waking up and healing what you can will give us a chance.


Get to work.

I’m kidding…..everything is fine…there is no evil ……we’ll be fine….bitch about your fellow humans…go back to sleeep 😉

PHOTO: Taken this winter in Nevada. Looked like a wall of ice as far as the eye could see…20 miles at least. And that tower. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It might have been a mirage..but it was dead winter…cold and the mirage didn’t shimmer in anyway.