This is piece is “sorta” tongue and cheek 🙂 …but then again…not really.

I see most truth-ers going at each other these days. I see most people blaming other people. Blaming the people for global warming or the culture going downhill. I see flat earthers going after each other…or globe earthers going after….the flat earthers who are going after the globe earthers. Blame children for being stupider than the last generation. ICK.

Here is a unique Idea. Since most everybody is brainwashed and free will has all been eradicated from this planet(or plane) as a default, instead of blaming your fellow humans , blame the oligarchs.

Truth-er goes after you, blame the 1%(paid shill). You tire blows out? Blame the 1%(withheld technology). Have a mysterious cough(chem-trails and no real health system)? Blame the 1%. Doctor being a jerk(trauma based medical training)….blame the 1%. Weather too hot(derivatives market and weather manipulation.)..blame the 1%. Boyfriend going crazy(medications, chemicals, TV social engineering via school, media and subliminal)…..blame you know who.

Battery dead in your flashlight? BLAME………….

Not the generals, not the politicians, not the police not, not your fellow citizens….. THE 1%.

You will be wrong so little as to be negligible.

For example: battery technology is outdated. Long lasting batteries that practically last FOREVER.. versions have been invented decades ago…and would be cheap to produce now. But “they” don’t want to have good, clean cheap technology. Therefore your dead battery is “their fault”. 🙂

You can apply this for almost anything….toothpaste, water, crappy technology that makes you sick, bad attitude, traffic, the air, being broke….Anything. Just do it.

Sure you may have to correct the injustice with the offending party(that is part of the 99 percent)..too….don’t leave that out…….but don’t forget to give a nod(or a finger) to your puppet masters.

Now back up a bit. While this is somewhat of a mind experiment and tongue and cheek……and you absolutely have to take responsibility for your actions….blaming the sheeple soley and not focusing your frustration on the shepard is well…………very helpful to the shepards.

The sheep are so busy blaming the sheep(which do have responsibility too) they forget they have a master a parasite……pulling the strings….too such and extent that people seem like your worst enemy when in reality its the parasite.

So next time your fellow man, truth-er or official screw you….just remember to mention the parasites at the top…..because if it wasn’t for them……….we’d be (true)wealthy, healthy and more pleasant to be around.

PHOTO: Wierd irregular shaped ORB. Back Yard….against a hill. Flash with full spectrum camera. I’m calling these “Shard Orbes”…since I take alot of triangular orbs with this camera….sort of negating the claiming that these are dust particles.