East Fallen Angel county. 3 cities I am aware of. The mountain, the temple and the welcome pass.

Its Jan/Feb 2012.

Some Interesting Facts:

ElectroMagnetic devices(and maybe other types) were unleashed on 3 cities(that I was aware of) at this time. Over a period of 3 weeks or so. Immense agitation on the streets visible….like permanent panic had been installed on the population.

The populations in these areas were predominately Latin-American home owners with some Asian. Fleets of Moving vehicles were coming in and out. By the end of this time period….we had predominately Asian(homeowners?). I am unsure if they were American Asian, or from another country. To be clear I have no concern for ethnicity or race…people are people.

One day 1000’s of black vans went through many square miles of houses. Maybe more…because…we were under full lock down….couldn’t leave the house. The police informed us a guy punched a cop…. as the reason. No search warrant was issued as far as I can tell. Lots of helicopters in the sky constantly. It was not safe to walk around unless you wanted to be picked up by a black van…especially if you had brown skin.

Being a techy I could easily see that all the internet and search engines were clamped down in our area.All of my internet connected devices were disabled permanently. Computers, cell phones etc. Lost my online business in this way.

One afternoon I was passing out near these white “cell” towers newly on a installed on a freeway…..in the passengers seat of a car. I would come out of it when out of the field and then….go back into it getting near them. The pain was intense. Once out of the freeway I felt fine….like nothing happened. The driver of the car was not affected BUT did notice my passing out while around certain towers.

Another evening….we stayed in…..there was a massive street fight(….a war if you will…..hundreds of people…..then machinery sounds. The very odd part was this street war sounded as if it was being pumped out of loudspeakers….another words…no actual street fight(i think) but a recording of one blasted to the homes of our neighbor hood. There was other odd phenomena harder to describe.

There were independent witness’s to all of this that I knew.

There was no media coverage of any of this.

I left immediately.

I have not witnessed this phenomena in any of the Western/South West states since. I have no evidence this has occurred in any other area since then.

I noticed no alternative researcher has picked up on this….in this day and age I think is odd. Also, I got the feeling(not fact here) that nobody outside of these specific cities was aware of this situation.          From a “sensitives” perspective more “phenomena” was happening…to much to go into here.

Punch Line:

Later: I lived in an area where there were a lot of farmers and a lot of retired “military” types(I was there for the farms..I have no military background or interests). I relayed my experience to some of the retired military I reasonably trusted…none were shocked and what they said was this…………………………


Photo: Plane spraying with a shadow coming off at the wrong angle. “Black Line” phenomena usually run parrellel to the trails. Also a mysterious v shaped indentation in the cloud right near it.