Living in a farm in the Pacific North West(PNW) I came across several “discoveries” of anthropological significance. It would in fact go against conventional “white man” history(or HIS-story).

Its a long story but we got to keep it short around here right?

What I “rediscovered” was granite Celtic walls(same as the 100,000 of miles of walls in new england) and a Celtic turtle effigy(common also in New England) over grown in the forest..pointing to an obvious sacred mountain. The walls in length were about 700 yards of walls with an additional couple hundred yards overgrown in the forest. In addition there was a cresent moon ‘farmers’ mound aligned to solstice and a serpent head at the end of one of these walls. In the Pacific North West.

Facts….Polynesians with a memory going back 1000’s of years had this area in there song and predicted sacred spots for some locals to the PNW to rediscover…which they did. Some of these Polynesians have red hair/green eyes.

Local scientists were hostile to anybody noting this fact….. “thats stupid”…disregarding scientific evidence and of course any “brown persons” history….as mythology(clearly racism).

The local spots align(on google earth) with sacred spots in africa,asia, america etc. I dowsed two energy lines coming off the turtle. I just dowsed the angles from the head to a tree across the field. Later I went to google earth and matched them with Adam’s Calendar and Lake Titikaka…as well as it being a sacred phi ratio angle so common in pyramids.

Earliest record of the spanish arrive did report that these walls were extensive…used by the indigenious only to be removed by the majority of the later western farmers. This would make the amount of walls in the 100’s of miles instead of 1000’s of feet. Farmer walls…HA!!! There was a report of 5000 population in our small area.

The locals that were into this sort of research oddly…know the true history of the area…were sort of disturbed by this finding…named me the keeper of the place and never spoke of it again. I am keeping some of he details vague for this reason. The Polynesian tribe had the same reaction. Local historians wanted nothing to do with it….even if they had a knowing of history that didn’t fit the conventional version.

Woo woo stuff: I gathered several “sensitives” and what info we got on that realm was very interesting…..”the blue people”…..entrances. Blue people are sometimes traced to the Bon of Tibet. A relevant Polynesian tribe to this story traces themselves to Tibet.

Now imagine this. These reported events…in a different way has happened in your home town, your county, your state, your country and your planet. It is all our History.

Official history. Place settled by 1850 with a handful of farmers. Displaced no indigenous who only came around the summer anyway. No real population came till lumber and fishing industries came: early 1900’s. Population never went above 500 till about 1990’s or 2000’s.

PHOTO: Turtle before we cleaned it. The head is over 2 feet high X five long(at least). The whole thing is a 6-8 feet high…and 30X40 aproximately. Its connected to a wall going 100 years north and a broken string of walls going east.