If you believe all sciencists tell the truth and validation can only occure in peer reviewed journals or scientific journals then this would constitute “PROOF” of the scientific community “discovery” of entities. So entities are now a scientific, researchable phenomena for you doubters.

While open to the idea that these lenses could work as described, I would need to see more independant researchers use the lenses and publish there results.,research the company, and in general vet the research as best as possible outside of corporate spin. Basically repeatable phenomena.

Please see my article on Entities here on why this may be important.

Some points: While I have proven to myself and those around me entities are real…doesn’t mean its proven to you. Do your own research and observation.

Just because entities are real doesn’t mean their optical equipment is legit. If it is legit would the military let you have any of these and why…since they limit what most optical can do(night vision for instance…has been made to not see some bands fror instance). Just because their optics may be legit doesn’t mean the spin doctors can’t pollute the research. Or findings. Just because the “objects” that are invisible now seen doesn’t say what they are(yet)…they could be advanced tech from earth.

Still interesting….science is catching up to what the “primitive” shamans have known for ever.

What we know:

Thunder Energies. Made concave lenses….for dark matter galaxy viewing.

Found Invisible Terestrial Entities. They also make nuclear style enginines and combustion engines.

The ‘American Journal of Modern Physics’ has published a paper titled “Apparent Detection via New Telescopes with Concave Lenses of Otherwise Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE).”

Dark ITE’s and Light ITE’s are what they were titled by the company.

Dark ones appear to be in orbit……light ones appear to be around sensitive areas(military survelliance). Published in the “Journal of American Physics.”


PHOTO: Full Spectrum Camera @ a cave in Mt. Shasta. No “orbs” in previous photos visible till I asked them to show up. No visible dust using flash lights.