Ug…sorry about this……….

I am not a fan of marijuana. Never worked for me……I’m a bit allergic to it as well.

That said. I support its use as a divine source of healing/medicine. I support your rights to choose healing. I do know the it can heal. Criminalizing it is absurd.

That said. Much of your herb is GMO now. It often has been weaponized with psychoactive substances. No supporters of this medicine have ever addressed this. Weird? This is not theory.

Get heirloom strains, learn to muscle test, and organic growers is a start. Do more research so that the medicine you seek works as intended. If you or someone you care about is sick…….this is super important….to get the right stuff.

Photo: Aircraft series: Pacific N.W. fifth fly by while making some crystal healing tools. Military. About 1500 feet…Coincidence!!!