There has been a lot of activity in the sky. N Cali.

Lots of what look like “satellites” but they turn…..lots of random flashing in the sky…..flashing “satellites” and oddly lots of shooting stars always near by(and no where else) and overly bright orb like “satellites”.

I have had the opportunity to sky gaze for 4 years in dark sky’s and I haven’t seen this amount of activity….ever. If you go with conventional “wisdom” then some 1,000s of new satellites have been launched…that can turn and do other stuff. Or the military advanced craft is going nuts or…….that other stuff.

I don’t have the ability to photograph this sort of stuff. Maybe you do?Is it happening anywhere else?

I have taken several people, several times out to watch the phenomena. They admitted they hadn’t seen anything like it.

Photo: Pacific North West. Chemtrail with a shadow projected up into the clouds and at the wrong angle. Frequency clouds too…and unknown black object(helicopter?)