There is a place on this planet that you financially support(most of you anyway). It is infact rows of warehouses. Ugly and Urban. 10,000’s of people show up to work everyday for no pay or worse they are paying money. Many days can be 17/hrs of work for  50  bucks( an illegal less than 3 dollars an hour.  Some people pay for it in sex…for the chance to make no money or an occasional pay check.

Children run away for salvation and become imprisoned or impoverish criminals or worse. You cannot make your way up to riches and fame unless you join a secret brotherhood(or sister hood) usually fashioned after the dark arts. People are bought and sold. Parasites are exchanged frequently. Law enforcement even has a bad reputation amongst law enforcement elsewhere. Every aspect of ever inch of the 400 sq miles is designed to corrupt your soul and every other soul on the planet. It is run by the worst of the worst. There is a lot going on underground which the inhabitants are unaware……..even I am unaware of most of it. Every social experiment that gets rolled out to the world is tried there first. Every job is gained by someone else destruction. Friendship is based on the next job you get. Firing people is a sport. Even the best most beautiful souls get corrupted…. they are so busy working 2+ jobs to even notice. The contracts you sign literally say they own your “essence”. Mass invasions of house holds are common the next towns over, with not a peep to be heard about it anywhere on the planet. Its very name implies dark magic/intent. Death, insanity and self destruction are so common nobody bats an I. It is encouraged. If you have a bit of “shamanic vision” you would have to leave immediately….if you didn’t want to it would mean you have been infected. The people chosen to head this place are worshiped… gods…especially the people assigned to the public. What they export is toxic to the body, mind and soul.

Knowing this fully( and I have met many that have)……..most will still freely give there attention and money to it.

Most aren’t aware of the true nature of the place outside of it. If you did fully understand what it was about could you cut your addiction to it? If you lived there and became aware of its nature; would you be able to sell everything, drop all jobs/people immediately…just to go anywhere else?

I cannot find too much fault in the residents and population for falling under the spell…its in fact a very crafty/powerful spell.

My apologies for being so grim…the next post will be lighter. Somebody had to say something.

Photo: Orbs in a tree over a big crystal(crystal not in photo). For you left brain types: magic moving dust particles that like my crystals and not much else of the back yard. Either explanation is good.