So Considering where I saw one and how it occurred…..this might explain why they rarely if ever get photographed. Yes this happened.

I was in the passengers side of a car in Beacon Hill, Seattle Summer of 2012. Night time. Another passenger was in the back seat. We were driving past this fellow walking on the sidewalk…next to place with alot of trees or a park. It may have been moonlit since we could see more detail than I think we should have been able normally…but it may have been street lit.

So basically I saw a “Sasquatch” in the corner of my eye. Very tall,body of full dark hair and long arms in a not so normal human way. Shocked, I obviously looked at the creature..and saw a tall male human, normal length arms, dark clothes, and a darker skin type. Every time I moved my eyes away…..the thing transformed taller, longer arms and furrier. Turn to look straight at it and again…. tall man. Turn away…. “Sasquatch”. So I thought I was seeing stuff….loosing it a little(it had been a stressful summer). “Fantastic…that is just wonderful”(insert sarcasm here), I was thinking. I said nothing to anybody for obvious reasons.


Suddenly the the driver says some to me in a bewildered tone “Hey, Jim…….did that guy over there Turning into a Sasquatch…then turning back into a man” or something to that effect. I confirmed I witnessed that too. The backseat passenger hoots and says” OMG I wasn’t gonna say anything”. I think we continued trying to describe  what each person saw and what in heck that could be…though I would say we weren’t strangers to seeing some weird stuff.

I don’t know what the being  we saw was,but it fit my idea of what a Sasquatch looks like. That doesn’t mean thats what it actually was…maybe it was “other”. It was a definitely an intelligent humanoid and didn’t feel like a primitive forest dweller something comfortable in the city. It had a way to project its appearance different than what it actually was. You might call it a holograph, or some sort of mental projection tech. Some spiritual/psychic ability. Maybe something else. We obviously saw through the facade for some reason. Obviously it don’t want to be seen in the way we saw it.


I talked to “V” who was there….she agreed this is a accurate reporting of the incident.

A Year or so later, I was getting a ride from a friend..on an island near Seattle…..he randomly blurted out “the reason we don’t’ see Sasquatch is they are multidimensional”. Hmm……out of the blue and very cryptic. Hmmm…

That summer…several other notable very 3d looking phenomena happened. This really  hasn’t happened since then in such a visceral way. 3 very large triangle craft hovering over downtown Seattle…at night. So disturbing I had a hard time looking at them directly and for long.

The other, in West Seattle:3 of us were walking to a convenience store…..a 3 1/2 foot or so creature jumped out of the bushes ran across the street to an area by the park up top the hill It looked like a skinny mini “Sasquatch” but moved more like a chimp….running on hind legs with occasionally using its arms for running. Interestingly the neighbor hood was supposed to be on top of an old military base with tunnels…but I cannot confirm that as fact…..just something I heard……but it got me thinking. Anyway if you are at all tuned into phenomena…..Seattle’s got “stuff”. Don’t doubt your peripheral vision either.

NOTE: I don’t think much cryptic research is genuine or true…..alot seems popculture nonsense. Obviously some is not.

Photo: IR/UV Camera. a plane spraying, a weird flare and a small glowing line parallel to the “trail”.