“Everything you have ever learned is wrong.”, the voice said. This is a terrible way to start the day …saying this terrible thing. Who told me that is another discussion.

Unfortunately(or fortunately) through scientific inquiry, synchronicity and intuition I have that this statement was very very accurate. I truly had to unlearn all belief(what passed for truth) these last years.

The science we have is faith based…not real science. That is hidden. Believe it or not we got the wrong math…wrong base system!!!

History is scientifically(real science) been proven to be false and the real stuff hidden. You don’t even know what year it is. Many real scientists and the big guys of English literature have explicitly told you this. Newton is not to be trusted? Well then you have to throw out his science as well…LOL.

Spirituality isn’t any help here either…..its not the real stuff. No matter how true…something is always withheld so you don’t actually get the real healing or real enlightenment. Maybe you join a group, spend lots of money going through all the levels…only to find yourself……back where you started….and a bit more distracted.

Earth isn’t what you’ve been told…neither is space. Scientists tell you what it is then somehow tell you its all a simulation…….hmm…ok!!

What you are is being hidden.

You, my friend, don’t know where you, what you are, where your going, or what your place in the universe is. Its not your fault…its been hidden.

However, if you can survive the loss…the mourning…of an entire universe stolen from you……never having lived with any good information……if you can put all your beliefs on the chopping block…if shown that they aren’t true…maybe you can get some enlightenment. The kicker is they have to sprinkle in some good data with a mountain of garbage. Some sort of law I guess.

You will have to learn to discern, test and smell the truth. Learn to observe stuff and put that data on the back burner till experience, intuition, actual reasoning can see the patterns. If you are religious its ok…but it does say “TEST ALL THINGS”. Actually its more scientific than what “science” tells you……”Trust me I went to school and your too dumb and poor to test this for yourself”. Even the spiritual will become somewhat testable or experience.


There are some beings I’ve met that are here to assist/support but not help.

Photo. The real color of the sky. Clouds almost healthy. This is the standard by which all other sky’s should be judged. There are some phenomena in there if you look real close.