Hi. This is Jim. I’ll be posting short truthy, alternative science/health/research or alternative spiritual  bits of info as they come up…that  I have researched(or experienced) myself. I have no intention of  being a writer……so I’ll try to keep it brief and to the point. I have had very odd, sometime dark and sometimes miraculous experiences……some of which should be shared.

I have interesting photo’s with phenomena(thus all photos I have taken unless specifically noted otherwise)…..worked in entertainment industry(quit of course), am an intuitive of sorts, do lo budget science testing, independent anthropological  discoveries and have researched a lot of subjects in an effort to explain stuff I observed myself. It will get wierd 🙂 but will be true to the best of my abilities. Any thing that I’m not certain of being true will be stated as  probabilities and opinion; clearly.

that is all,


Promise/Oath: I post nothing that is deceptive, a lie or manipulative in anyway. I am not associated with any  organization, specific spirituality, cult, occult group or group. No hidden agendas. I am an independent researcher coming up with my own conclusions/observations.

Photo: Orb in the forest.