Do Satellites exist AS DESCRIBED? Something is up can see them if your sky is clear. But is there also a lie encoded in the “facts”? Some space and satellite “facts” for your viewing pleasure.

The number 66 is an ancient symbol of dark magic. You can look it up where it comes from. Three sixes need no introduction….LOL

Consider this….and fully reported on scientific and encyclopedic sources.

The earth is tilted 23.4 degrees. Or 66.6 off the horizon. Coincidence I’m sure.

Time is measured in hours which is 60 minutes and 60 seconds. Coincidence I’m sure.

The galaxy is traveling 666,000 miles an hour.

Earth is traveling around the sun at 66,000 miles miles and hour. Or sometimes its reported as 66,660 miles an hour. Coincidence I’m sure.

Total number of Satellites that have been launched around earth is reported to be 6600.

The Sun is 93 milion miles from earth. 93 is the number of Thelema; a popular magic religion….often practiced by rocket scientists.

So the possibilities as I see it are that the universe is full of councidences, these are metaphysical synchronicities…or some humans are trying to tell you something about space. I can prove none of these. But I lean towards the latter reason.

Iridium Satellites. There are these intense flashes in the sky….described as Iridium Satellites by most logical thinking people.

Some “facts”: 66 working satellites with 6 spares…the spares are in orbit at 666km.

6 orbital planes at 30 degrees 11 in each plane or 911.

The only satellite to collide with another is Iridium #33.

The only truth here…most likely…is that I am accurately reporting what official sources are reporting.

Photo: Small Object over local forest. I photo these all the time.


UPDATE: 3/26/17. NASA in reverse ordinal gematria 666. ┬áreverse ordinal is assigning 1-16 to z to a or the reversed alphabet. Coincidence I’ sure.