A researcher whom I admire( Crow with 3 sevens) has some very great profound things to say about knowing and knowledge. “Belief is the Enemy of Knowing”. Agreed.

A call to critical thinking and real human learning is stressed. Agreed.

One small little addition I would make is:
Critical Observation. Learning to observe what is there without adding stories, assumed previous knowledge and left brain assumptions. Observe what you observe FIRST. Only when you have really critically gone over what you actually observed then can you possibly begin to take a stab about the truth with your pea brain. Only knowing some of the basic rules of logic could you do that. However most people start with “Everybody knows…..”

Case in point: I have witnessed several groups of people see a huge white light about a quarter of the size of the moon…go across the moon. Everyone agreed it was a “satellite”…robotically. Logically speaking……something that size, 100-300 miles, in orbit would be several miles across or larger. Math proves its not a satellite..or at least any we have been told about. Critical observation would have said……..that is a large light about a 1/4 size of the moon. And stop there. No other thought can be made ..logically. Not enough data. I’m not saying what we all saw was alien…….nor do I know if it was experimental. Nasa says they are satellites and maybe they are….maybe not…but Nasa is no substitute for your own observation.

If you observe any media just look without believing anything. You will see much more than you would otherwise.

Some one pointed out that the proper mode of action in this universe is the female principle(receive or internal contemplation) and then the male principle( outward action).

The other way Male(doing stuff) then female( seeing what happens) is pretty much whats messed this planet up.

Photo: Faint orbs, Red dot(Mars), and a flying shard thing..over a house. No idea what the shard thing is.